Independent Evaluation of Fosterline’s Social Return on Investment

Social Return on Investment (SROI) is an outcomes-based measurement tool that helps organisations to understand and quantify the social, environmental and economic value they are creating.

Developed from traditional cost-benefit analysis and social accounting, SROI is a participative approach that is able to capture in monetised form the value of a wide range of outcomes, whether these already have a financial value or not. An SROI analysis produces a narrative of how an organisation creates value in the course of making change in the world, and a ratio that states how much social value (in £) is created for every £1 of investment.

SORI graphic

Foster carers will experience a number of very complex, sensitive and difficult situations as they support some of the most vulnerable children within our society. We need to provide foster carers with the information to enable them to make informed decisions to ensure the best possible outcomes are promoted for our children in the care system.

There will be occasions during every foster carer’s career when they will need that extra piece of independent advice or assurance and many prospective foster carers will research the vocation before proceeding with an application to a fostering service.

The majority of prospective foster carers look to be assessed for altruistic and personal reasons and their motivation leads to an exploration to see if they are in a position , financially, psychologically, and practically to foster and Fosterline is able to confirm what is required to be assessed.

Foster carers perform a vital, necessary and amazing role and it is imperative they have the skills knowledge and support to give the children and young people within their care the best possible opportunity to succeed and achieve. Fosterline advisors are attuned to help fostering services retain highly valued existing foster carers as well as assisting in the essential recruiting of much-needed new carers for specific groups of children.

The report demonstrates that Fosterline has a positive social return on the statutory investment and is effective in showing the government’s commitment towards promoting the needs of looked after children in England by advising on the recruitment and retention of foster carers. Fosterline has a part to play in the team around the child helping to raise the provision of care alongside foster carers and other professionals.

To view a summary of the Fosterline theory of change, click here and to view the social return on investment summary as an infographic, please click here.

To read an executive summary, please click here. If you would like to read the full report, please click here.

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