Fosterline is a free confidential advice and support service provided by the Department for Education and delivered by FosterTalk. The Government is committed to promoting the best possible outcomes for children and young people in care and recognises the importance of stable placements within foster families in achieving this. Foster carers do an amazing job caring for some of the most vulnerable children within our society and they deserve to be applauded for the specialised, dedicated work they do. Fosterline continues to be an invaluable source of independent advice and support to current and prospective foster carers and one which the Government wishes to see continue in the future.

Every year there is a reported shortage of foster carers needed to support the number of children that enter the care system. Figures vary but with approximately two thirds of the children and young people in care being placed with foster carers we still need up to 10,000 more foster carers. Fosterline helps to retain foster carers by giving them that little extra support just when they need it most, encouraging foster carers to explore a solution and remind them just how valued and what an essential commodity they are in the welfare and promotion of outcomes for the children in England.
Fosterline strives to reduce the shortfall in the number of foster carers needed by supporting prospective foster carers to investigate the right type of fostering and to be assessed by the service that enquirers feel best matches their expectations and requirement to foster.


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