Fosterline’s Latest News pages will enable foster carers and prospective foster carers to maintain and update their knowledge regarding issues that affect the fostering role.

On the following pages you will be able to keep up-to-date with the latest news, features, reports, analysis, government policy and debate from within the fostering community.

Fosterline will relay information about recent events or happenings along with providing links to the source of the information so further detail can be accessed.

Virtual reality now being used to recruit foster carers

A new virtual reality (VR) film created by the Cornerstone Partnership has been produced to give adopters and foster carers the chance to experience the…

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Fostering Inquiry

The final two sessions of the Fostering Inquiry, which was suspended earlier this year due to the General Election, have now taken place. On 17th…

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Young people to join MPs in discussion on fostering with Children and Families Minister

Young people with experience of foster care will sit alongside MPs for a discussion with the Minister as part of the Education Committee’s fostering inquiry on Tuesday…

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New safeguarding strategy boosts support for lone child migrants

New training for foster carers has been announced as part of a new strategy to improve the care of unaccompanied children. The training, which will…

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Celebrating Diwali

This year Diwali falls on 19 October and will continue for five days until 21st October.  Many communities within the UK will celebrate this time…

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Ninety children taken into care each day, figures show

Ninety children are being taken into care every day in England and Wales and it’s claimed social workers are “firefighting” the most serious cases late…

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Children in care numbers rise at fastest rate in five years

The number of children in care has risen at its fastest rate in five years while the number of children being adopted continues to fall,…

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Do you think that Fosterline has impact?

If you think that our helpline for current and prospective foster carers in England has impact, then please nominate us for a Helpline award. Run…

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Story request: Could you foster a sibling group?

In November, Fosterline will be launching the #OneMoreHome campaign for ‘Could you foster a sibling group?’ Fosterline recognises the need for more sibling group foster…

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