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    Hi All

    I have recenly had an allegation amde against me and I was wondering if any other carers on here have been through this. what do i need to prepare and how do all the meetings work?

    any advice would be great


    Hi allegations can be a stressful time for all concerned. However there is some information on allegations on the Fosterline website which is very useful under the Already fostering section. You should also check your foster carers handbook for the child Protection procedures on allegations from your agency. You will be entitled to independent support to help you through the process.



    I have been through that before and its a very stressful time. You need to prepare by (1) checking your daily and monthly notes and make sure they are all up to date. (2) Ensure you have all your facts about the allegation to hand. (3) Although you feel really emotional and its hard, when the investigator or manager come to see you, try to respond to facts with facts rather than opinions or feelings. (4)Remember you have the right to know all the allegations against you and to provide a written as well as verbal response. It may be worth your while to take some time to read through any report fully and give a written response with backing up evidence if you have any e.g. doctors notes, school reports, etc

    Also check with your social worker to see if you will be provided with an Independent Social Worker from Fostering Network or another agency, to help support you.

    If you have any more questions just keep asking people. Talk to Fosterline, they can be really helpful, impartial and confidential. Don’t feel alone. This is a time when you need your family and friends. You may not be able to discuss the details of the allegations with them but you can talk about your feelings and emotions. Also consider looking into counselling through your local GP so you can have someone independent to offload onto because you may need it at times. Remember your supervising social worker cannot be your counsellor, he or she will have to try to remain neutral. Their first duty is to the child and LA/IFA so you may not feel like they’re being supportive all the time because they can’t be ‘on your side’. Get all the support you can from others who can be there just for you.

    All the best!!



    I have been invited to provide a written report to Panel regarding the recommendation from the Reviewing Officer for de-registration due to serious concerns. I don’t agree with their recommendation so how detailed should my report be. Should I attach all the evidence I have e.g. daily logs, copies of emails etc?



    Hi Sandra,
    it will be helpful for panel members if your report is as detailed as you feel it needs to be and that it is set out in an easy to read format . If you are challenging anything within other reports which are due to be submitted to Panel such as the one written by your Supervising Social Worker it would be helpful to note the page/paragraph number of their report before giving your views about what is written. It is normally acceptable to submit evidence such as copy emails, supervision reports etc and I would again advise giving each an addendum number and, if there are several of these, enclosing a list with addendum headings i.e. Addendum 1 email to SSW, Addendum 2 copy supervision record 01.01.12 etc.
    You should be allowed an appropriate amount of time to prepare your report and should have had sight of your SSWs report.
    Have you requested independent advocacy/support under NMS 22.12?

    National Minimum Standards seek to ensure that carers are provided with independent support throughout the process of the investigation and in dealing with the aftermath. Fostering services:National Minimum Standards
    NMS 22.12 states:
    “During an investigation the fostering service makes support, which is independent of the fostering service, available to the person subject to the allegation and, where this is a foster carer, to their household, in order to provide:
    Information and advice about the process
    Emotional support, and
    If needed, mediation between the foster carer and the fostering service and/or advocacy (including attendance at meetings and panel hearings)”



    Thanks Steve, that’s really helpful. I haven’t asked for Independent Support, I’ll ask my Supervising Social Worker about it.



    I asked about Independent Support and the Fostering Manager has allocated me an ex-foster carer who is also a member of the Panel. I don’t feel this is very independent, what should I do now?



    Hi Sandra the independent support worker should be independent of the fostering service so a panel member would not normally be acceptable.
    Your problem is that it is not compulsory for them to provide this, rather an expectation they should do this as it is in the National Minimum Standards. However you should still push for it with a competent worker who has experienced this sort of work before.


    I would email or ring them and suggest that person is not independent and see if they have an alternative



    Hi Sandra… I think Jane’s idea of emailing the fostering manager is good.. ensure you quote ‘nms22.12’ and let him/her know you feel the person is not independent. As a broader point.. try to keep up to date and accurate records and follow up mtgs and phone calls with emails which confirm your understanding of what was agreed, promised,discussed etc

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