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    If someone has suffered a bereavement of a close relative, how long should they wait before applying to become a Foster Carer? Do Fostering Services have set policies regarding this?



    This will vary I believe with each set of circumstances. An example of this would be how someone passed away, sudden or expected due to old age. In all situations however the assessing social worker would want to know if the grief period has been worked through and the person has been able to begin to come to terms with the loss. No one fully gets over the loss of close relatives, but should find a way to move forward which does not impact on them in a negative way. The time therefore will depend on the person themselves, six months onwards would be okay for some people depending on the nature of how their relative passed away. For other it could be a lot longer. If a person breaks down and is overcome while discussing their loss it could indicate time is not right yet. No one should feel rushed into this process as grief is different for us all.


    I agree with Christian – worthy of note that if that relative was a child, sw may require a longer gap and evidence of coping strategies and mechanisms.



    Jane and Christian make good points… There can’t really be any set period as all depends on the relationship and circumstances surrounding the bereavement. So, if an applicant’s partner had recently died in unexpected or traumatic circumstances and there were issues around finances, accommodation etc this may well need a longer period before fostering than for example an expected bereavement of an elderly relative. Essentially, children and YP who enter foster care almost always have their own issues of loss and if a foster carer is still dealing with their own emotions/practical issues around loss it could be difficult to focus on meeting the child’s emotional needs.

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