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Topic : Can Gay couples Foster?

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  • Foster1611

    I am 26 and looking to go into fostering with my partner. We are a lesbian copule and we are unsure whether gay couples can foster and how we can make the first step with this. does anybody have any best practices they can share with us as this would be appreciated.

    many Thanks


    Hi Foster 1611

    There is no reason gay or lesbian couples can’t adopt and in fact many agencies and local authorities specifically market to the LGBT community!

    Please have a look on the website for lots more information on the process and where to find a local agency. You may also wish to visit a network for LGBT adoptive and foster families and read about other peoples experiences.

    I hope this is helpful and good look with your journey to fostering!





    Myself and my partner are a gay couple and we have begun the fostering process. All positive so far and hopefully it will continue that way!



    Good to hear it is thus far is positive. Your experiences to date (negative and positive) will stand you in good stead for the fostering task.

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