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Topic : Can I have a copy of my Form F

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  • Jackie

    I am thinking of moving agencies and I want to know if I can have a copy of my Form F. My current agency says I can’t have this as it is their property. Can anyone advise me? Thank you


    I have been a foster carer since 2009 and never ever saw my Form F. I recently went through 20 months of an investigation and mentioned this to .the independent assessors and they were horrified. Apparently we a have right to know what is held.



    In response to this enquiry, the DfE have introduced new guidance for information sharing to make it easier for foster carers to transfer between fostering services. If you look at the section “Transferring Fostering Providers” on this website you will find full details of what information should be made available to you and what timescales this should be done within. To answer the specific question about your Form F, while this is the property of your fostering service, you do have a right to have a copy of it under the Data Protection Act, with the exception of third party information, e.g. references, checks etc. Good luck with whatever you decide to do!


    is it right that a fostering service can not post a form f or send it electronically and that they must collect it in person?!

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