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    Im just wondering how people would manage a situation sensitively without being blamed for influencing in any way. Basically a friend of mine who fosters told me that she has a 14 year old girl in placement who is confused about her sexuality. When she first arrived in placement 6 months ago she believed she was heterosexual but then experimented with some female peers at school and has become quite mixed up about her feelings. The issue is that the foster carer in question is a lesbian and has been accused of ‘turning’ the young person by some of the young persons family members. My concern is for my freind as a carer to protect her reputation, I know her well and this is an absurd accusation.



    Sadly this reflects some of the widely held misconceptions about sexuality held within wider society. I think I would advise your friend to discuss her concerns with her SSW and consider planning how to educate the YP’s family members. It will be important to include the YP’s SW in these plans…

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