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  • Jane1

    has anyone come across a carer being de-registered and being assessed for an SGO ( to avoid child being moved) at the same time?



    No I haven’t Jane.. but I suspect that this could happen.. for example where a FC was being recommended for deregistration by an IFA and a LA wanted to keep the child in that placement. The SGO assessment would need to address reasons etc for the deregistration within the SGO report for court…



    Regarding de registration, what if someone is going to be de-registered as a foster carer and they resign before going to panel. Is this better for them and what could the panel now do about not being able to de register.


    in my experience – the agency will still de-register alongside either the acceptance of resignation or denial of resignation – it is within their safeguarding procedures to go ahead with de-registration if the concerns/allegation is serious enough to warrant carers not to have the option of fostering again.


    If an IFA de-registers a foster carer and the issues are not related to safeguarding, can the carer foster again for either a LA or a different IFA?



    A foster carer who has been de registered can reapply to another agency and it would be up to the new agency how far or little they would take it. Depending on the circumstances they could look at the ex foster carers fostering file and references from the previous agency and take a view. It is not always clear cut when someone is de registered as the appeal process (IRM) has showed They have not agreed with some de registration decisions and have asked for agencies to work again with the foster carer in question.

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