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    Hi I wanted to ask if there was any recourse to managing agencies who try to prevent/ hinder/ transfers by delaying information sharing and trying to de-register carers in the interim period. It feels as if agencies can behave in this way and damage the carers reputation in a bid to keep or prevent them from moving on?

    Any advice or tips on what carers can do to protect themselves from this or challenge agencies about this



    Foster Carers can reduce the risk of this happening by ensuring they keep up to date with their recordings, insist on regular supervision with copies of supervision minutes and raise any concerns they have in a timely manner.
    Best practice re transfers is for the current fostering service and the fostering service applied to should follow the Transfer Protocol:
    Agencies need to provide solid evidence via the FC review and panel process if they wish to deregister carers and carers should be given the opportunity to challenge any recommendation.
    Please see link below for more info:

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