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  • leanne

    I met up with one of my fostering friends yesterday who works for an agency and she said she was being ‘investigated’ due to spending DLA. She’s not accessed forums although I have told her to ring Fosterline for some advice but said I would ask on her if anybody has head of this??? She spends the DLA exclusively on her little lady to provide extra equipment and activities specific to her disability but agency are saying she should of been SAVING it for the last 9 months she has been receiving it for her future.
    I am so confused for this surely it is a disability LIVING allowance and therefore should be used to support day to day costs of living with a disability?



    Hi there is some new guidance on the website with regard to Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEN/D)which you may find helpful.



    Like you Leanne I thought DLA is for purchasing special equipment needed due to the disability or to provide extra help or activities. I have not heard that it should be saved up. I have come across incidences of Fostering Providers asking for receipts and proof of where the money has been spent.


    Thanks thats really useful but still confused as to how they can be doing this! They are now saying she needs to provide a savings account with the equivalent amount for the child even though she has evidence of what it was spent on. Maybe she should be getting legal advice?



    I would recommend anyone being advised to save DLA for the child to put in a formal complaint if they are not being listened to. DLA is provided for extra expenses incurred as a result of a disability and should be spent opn this.. not used as savings. Expecting a FC to save DLA would be very hard for any fostering service to justify.. I would suggest asking them to do so in writing

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