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Topic : Do both of us have to be foster care approved?

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    My friend has recently been approved as a single foster carer. He has become involved with a lovely girl and had asked her to move in with him. He obviously informed the fostering service who carried out an assessment on his girlfriend and despite the CRB checks returning no concerns her medical assessment advised against approval.
    Is there any way that he can continue to foster but still invite his girlfriend to live with him as they don’t want to live apart.


    this is a difficult situation. The best thing may be to appeal the decision regarding her approval because as a couple residing under the same roof, both would need to be approved.


    I thought in the past that the other person could just be considered a ‘significant adult’ in the household is that not still the case?

    How did your friend get on in the end SteveS?


    my understanding is that significant others may be relatives or lodgers sharing the same house for example but if they are involved in a partner relationship with that person, then they are usually to be assessed also.



    Does anyone know what constitutes a ‘household member’? What if a fostering applicant is in a relationship with someone who never stays overnight in their home.. or just 1 or 2 nights per week.. Does anyone know of any legislation or guidance re this?


    In my experience they are not a member if they are having a relationship but do not live together. The household member will be based at the same address as the applicant so even a partner who works away all week or is in the army for example, must be approved and counted as a household member. Always worth checking this with the LA/agency policy through the assessment manager perhaps?



    What would happen to an approved couple if one partner went abroad to work for a year or two? Would the approval need to be changed?


    I would think so as a significant change of circumstances?


    it may be that the approval will not need to be changed but the Form F assessment updated as Leanne states for a change in circumstances – each agency or LA will have their own view of this so it may be a good start to speak with them.

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