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Topic : Do we need more Foster Carers?

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    There is a lot in the media about the ‘shortage’ of Foster Carers. Do people feel this is a genuine shortage or is it that current Foster Carers are not being used efficiently.. for example employing a national database?



    A national database would be a very good idea as it will help with better matching, and fill gaps where needed.


    I feel there is a lot of work needed around foster care retention



    Yes Jane I saw some figures recently which said 12% of foster carer leave each year for various reasons.


    Scary Christian

    I have very rarely been without a placement so easy for me to say BUT I do think unless there is a central pool all LA’s will either have too many or too few FC’s as impossible to predict the need months, weeks or even days in advance. I always remember after caring for teenagers for years due to the shortage of FC’s willing to take teens, getting begged to have babies after Baby P!

    What worries me the most is the risk of LA’s continuing to use FC’s who perhaps are no longer committed or capable due to a local shortage…..




    Hi Leanne what can be done about this to push it forward. A few people on here have said about a central pool of foster carers.
    And of course using foster carers who are not capable or not committed is doing a poor service to vulnerable children.

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