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Topic : Foster Carer annual reviews (timescales)

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  • John

    There does not appear to be any legislation or standards relating to the amount of time foster agencies should allow their foster carers to prepare their report for a FC review once they have seen the SSW report… what do people think is reasonable? Should timescales be included in policies on FC reviews?


    will the review date not already have been set? I suppose it would depend on the content and if the carers will need to produce some information themselves…



    I think it would be good if Reviews set out timescales. It seems quite common for Foster Carers to be given the SSW Report a couple of days before the Review or in some cases the evening before. What should a Foster Carer do if they feel they haven’t been given adequate time to absorb the SSW report and give their responses in writing?


    perhaps ask for another review date – and something they could raise in supervision for future reviews?



    Another option rather than a new date, which could be inconvenient could be to ask for extra time at the panel to go through it with the person who did the report.


    what should a carer do if they are given the report at very short notice and then told they can not provide their amendments or changes?!



    This would be unprofessional practice and the FC in this instance should consider formally notifying the LA/IFA or their concerns and possibly consider making a formal complaint. If the LA/IFA did not allow a FC to respond to a SSW report for a review/panel and this had an impact on the recommendations at the review/panel I expect the IRM would take a dim view of this if the FC applied to them following a review where they disagreed with the decision makers recommendation…

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