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    What do people think about Foster Carers being asked to supervise contact between a child they foster and the child’s parents/family members where that contact has to be supervised? Does this not put Foster Carers in a difficult situation if they have to report concerns about the parents?


    I suppose it depends on a lot of factors including the previous relationship and any risks. Also importantly, if it is just supervision or assessment as this is a particular skill which they may need training in. discussion with ssw always first option.



    What should a Foster Carer do if they are told that they have to supervise contact which they don’t feel is safe and puts them at risk of allegations?



    They could ask for a risk assessment before undertaking any unsupervised contact including any contingencies. Make their concerns real to everyone concerned in writing also.



    There are real issues with FCs being asked to supervise contact. If supervision is required then there is a concern re the children and if a FC is put in a position whereby they have to report concerns about children’s family members, they risk damaging their relationship, if any, with the family. It’s much easier to change a contact worker where a relationship is damaged due to reporting concerns than it is to change FCs. This is not to say that FCs won’t ever be in a position where they need to pass on concerns about contact but supervising contact increases this risk and may ‘cloud’ roles. As Christian states any plans for FCs to supervise contact should really be risk assessed.

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