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  • Jane1

    lots of people seem to be transferring at the moment because of lack pf placements – anyone else have this experience?



    Maybe Local Authorities are trying to save money by making placements with their own pool of Foster Carers where they can.


    This isn’t new, I have moved 2 times now, I’m in a slightly better position now.
    It’s disheartening to see IFAs and LAs advertising when you know many have empty beds.
    I understand that this is necessary to ensure a good match for each child, but surely the interests of the foster carers could be considered more.
    There is a face book page with hundreds of carers that post regularly on this issue.


    Hi Cariad – what has been your experience of the transfer process? It’s a pity carers are not prepared for times without placements


    The longest we had empty beds was 8 months. It seemed like forever. We have known of carers that have been empty for over a year, not good. I’ve known of a few carers that have gone back to work or started the transfer process because of this.

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