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  • Jane1

    any tips for landlords who have to give written consent for applicants to foster in the property – some get anxious about thei mpact of fostering on their property?


    Not come across this before interesting!!!!


    have heard of a few recently who would not give consent and the only option for the potential carer is to move, therefore temporarily halting the assessment. it is important that carers seek permission early on in the process and get written consent.



    I’ve heard of a Housing Association not giving consent to for fostering in one of their properties. I agree it is important to seek permission early on.



    With so many people renting privately these days what happens to foster carers if their landlord decides to sell the property and they are given a couple of month’s notice to find alternative accommodation?




    Hi Sandra,
    If a foster carer has to move house then it would be good practice for them to inform their social worker as soon as possible. If there were children/YP in placement the children’s SW would also need to be informed. It could be possible for children/YP to remain in placement but this would need to be assessed on an individual basis which weighed up the impact of moving with current carers against the impact of moving to an alternative placement. If no children/YP were in placement then it would be likely that no further placements would be made until the carer/s have moved to a new property. Most LAs and IFAs now insist on Foster Carers having some security of tenure such as a minimum of 3 months notice period to avoid disruption to the lives of children.

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