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Topic : Local Authority v independent agency

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    Who do people think is better an independent agency or a Local Authority to foster with.


    I think they both have their advantages and disadvantages but I think a lot of the myths aren’t necessarily true. I often hear you get less support with LA but mine is fantastic to be honest, and less/more difficult placements with IFA’s but I have friends which foster with an IFA and have constant baby placements.

    If I was starting again I would call all IFA’s and LA’s my area and go with my gut! It has served me well for last 14 years!


    yes I think it is really important to approach and see what they are offering and how it matches with your situation


    I am at present with an IFA. Most refs are troubled teenagers, not attending school etc. Support is practically non existent. We stated we wanted younger children & were told we would always be full. A falsehood. We are transferring to the LA. It is my belief that the IFA we are with gets all the ‘difficult’ children & we know of quiet a few carers that have stopped fostering because of this.



    There seems to be a lack of provision in some areas for young people not in education or training and this can put a strain on a foster placement. I wish you luck with your transfer.



    Hi Calmar,
    Really sorry to hear that you have not had a positive experience with your IFA. I wonder if you are aware of the transfer protocol.. If this is followed then this should help ensure a smooth transition to the LA for you.. details are available here…
    there is a full copy of the transfer protocol available
    Hope this helps

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