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Topic : partner moved out due to allegation

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  • jojo

    Hi, my partner has had to move out due to what the LA class as an allegation, bit of a strange one, but child took a picture with a toy gun and sent it to another friend. Police came out with sw to get the facts. Strategy meeting was held and the police have confirmed that no further action being taken by them as no criminal offence been committed, etc. however, LA classing this as an allegation, but not given me specific details. they are recommending deregistration. the child is not at risk and for the present moment is placed with me whilst my partner has had to move out to my daughters. I am in such a dilemma as do I not spend xmas with my partner (it was his toy gun that has caused all of this as he showed the child) or do I get the LA to find altenative placement for the child this week. I really don’t know what to do for the best, I thought keeping the child would earn me brownie points but feel that I am going to lose my job as a foster carer no matter what I do. I had to sign an agreement under duress to not let partner near the child, but they didn’t get him to sign anything, nor did they give me a copy. Any advice would really be appreciated in this matter as I am so confused on what to do for the best. thank you.



    Hi it seems you are in a difficult position. Allegations from children have to be taken seriously, and foster carers are in a vulnerable situation due the nature of this work. Only you can decide whether you end the placement or side with your partner. There is some information on the website which will be useful. You can ask for independent support under the National Minimum Standards 22.12 (NMS 22.12) which could provide you with a social worker who will help you to prepare your case in defence of your registration. You do have the right to put in writing and attend the fostering panel to clarify what occurred and what steps are in place for the future.
    Once again I am sorry to hear of your predicament and realise you have difficult decisions to make.



    Hi Jojo

    Sorry to hear you are going through a difficult time. Have you been offered Independent Support? The National Minimum Standards say that foster carers subject to an allegation should be offered support which is independent of the fostering service. You could email your Fostering Manager and request Independent Support under National Minimum Standard 22.12:

    For further information about Allegations please visit:

    National Minimum Standards seek to ensure that carers are provided with independent support throughout the process of the investigation and in dealing with the aftermath. Fostering services:National Minimum Standards

    NMS 22.12 states:

    “During an investigation the fostering service makes support, which is independent of the fostering service, available to the person subject to the allegation and, where this is a foster carer, to their household, in order to provide:

    Information and advice about the process
    Emotional support, and
    If needed, mediation between the foster carer and the fostering service and/or advocacy (including attendance at meetings and panel hearings)”

    If you need more help or information please ring Fosterline to speak to an Advisor.



    I would also add that you should be able to have a copy of the agreement you signed. I would suggest requesting a copy in writing (probably best via email)

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