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    Has anyone any experience of anyone being assessed/approved as a respite kinship carer? this may be appropriate for children with disabilities?


    had experience of ‘family link’ carers – where family or someone known to the child (often a staff member)are approved for respite for children with disabilities



    I have come across situations where a family member has been assessed as a respite carer e.g. for a child/children being placed with a grandparent to be able to give them a break.


    Anyone know the success/difficulty rare of being approved as kinship carer? Terrified I’ll fail, I feel the SW wants my nieces placed for adoption but if asked I know she’d never admit. Can i ask what her recommendation would be at the is stag? Going to panel in a months time. Petrified to say the least


    Hi Malecarer
    Every situation is individual and every case will have differences from other cases and those will influence the outcome. There will be many factors that the independent social worker will take into account before making their recommendation to panel. You should be open and honest with the social worker but you will undoubtedly be apprehensive at this stage and it would not be unreasonable for your curiosity to get the better of you and ask the social worker what her recommendation would be.
    Contrary to the perception of local authorities and social workers their remit is not to remove children from families but to find the best solution to enable families to remain together unless there is a safeguarding or placement breakdown risk.
    Inevitably the recommendation the social worker makes to panel will be in the best interests of the children as they have assessed the situation, but their recommendation will not guarantee approval.
    You may find it comforting and in your best interests to contact the advisors at Fosterline on 0800 040 7675. The line is available from 9.00am to 5.00pm weekdays. If you call and the lines are busy, please leave a voicemale and they will contact you the same day or the following working day without fail. There may well be other options depending on circumstances that have not been expressed in your forum post and please be aware that all calls to Fosterline are confidential and impartial.

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