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Topic : Roles? Who does what?

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    Hi I am a little bit confused over the roles and responsibilities that the professionals have in fostering. Who does what?

    So what does the supervising social worker do?

    LA social worker do?

    Agency social worker do?

    Its all a bit confusing with so many different social workers involved who supports who, and what can I expect in terms of support if I became a foster carer??



    The Supervising SW for the foster carer/s has a supervising and support role to ensure the carers are able to meet standards expected of foster carers. They support FCs and assist with issues they may have with caring for children, working with other agencies etc and also should challenge and address any concerns about the foster carers practice. So essentially it is a supervising and supporting role. They also have a duty to the child placed with the foster carers and must always act in that child’s best interests even if this conflicts with Foster Carers’ wishes.
    The LASW for the child has responsibility for ensuring the child’s care plan is followed and should be ensuring the child’s needs are being met within placement. They do not have any responsibility specifically towards the foster carers.
    Agency SW. Fostering services can employ agency SWs to take on the role of SSW or child’s SW in which case they would have the responsibility associated with that post.
    Hope this helps.



    Hi Truthseeker just to add that the supervising social worker will see you every few weeks in your home,but can also be reached by phone in team office to answer queries you may have. There is also the out of hours support available to foster carers between the hours of 5pm – 9am so you will always have someone to call upon if serious issues arise.
    Good luck if you go ahead with your application to foster.

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