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Topic : SGO’s post 18 support?

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    I have recently been told by one carer who is applying for an SGO that the two children concerned will not be entitled to the after-Care support that other children are, i.e. young people who come out of Care on their 18th birthday. They are entitled to ask for financial and other sorts of support with costs for independent living and higher education costs. Is there any legal basis for this discrepancy? I am wondering whether the person that spoke with me was given the correct information.



    The link below is from CORAM Children’s Legal Centre – Services for Children Leaving Care :

    It includes information about entitlements of children who are or have been under SGO.



    This came from information from the Family Rights Group

    If the child was looked after in the care system before the SGO was made, Children’s Services should provide advice and assistance including financial support to the young person after they reach 18.
    ii) University Loans and Grants
    A student applying for university financial support is assessed on the basis of their parents’ income.48 A parent is defined as a natural or adoptive parent. The regulations do not say that there should be an assessment of other carers’ income, so carers with a SGO are not liable for university expenses.
    If the student is ‘independent’ then they will not be financially assessed on their parents’ income. They are treated as ‘independent’ where49
    • the young person is estranged from their parents (in the opinion of the Secretary of State),
    • the young person’s parents have both died,
    • the young person was looked after by Children’s Services for 3 months ending on or after 16th birthday,



    Thanks for the information. It was really helpful, especially the information that any child that was in the Care System before the SGO would be entitled to support post age 18 years, in the same way as any child who had been in Care. I’m sure a lot of people taking out SGO’s will be relieved to know this!


    I thought children in SGO placements were not entitled to staying put monies?

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