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    What are the main points to consider if you are being encouraged by your Local Authority to take out a Special Guardianship Order for a Looked After Child in your care?



    Some of the things to consider might be:

    What are the young person’s wishes and feelings and how do their parents feel?

    Will it be right for everyone in the family?

    Do I want to do this or am I feeling pressured or worried the young person will be moved?

    What support will the Local Authority provide and for how long and will they put this in writing?

    How will I manage financially? What about Legal Fees?

    Seek independent Legal Advice before committing yourself.



    I have been asked to take out a special guardianship on the 5 year old that I have on long term placement. We are feeling very pressurised into taking this out. We are concerned that the placement will be taken from us if we don’t comply but we rely on the fostering income and have been told that funding will be drastically reduced. We will not be able to foster if we take out the SGO as we will not have a spare room and the 5 year old has some very complex needs


    I would ask your ssw and the csw for a meeting to discuss the care plan. It is also vital that you ask the LA to be exact in the financial support they could offer you and that this is written into the SGO report for future reference. A financial assessment should be completed so it may be useful to have all the information ready and research any benefits you think you may be entitled to.



    We are not sure if an SGO is the best thing as the Children’s future needs are unknown at this stage. The Local Authority are saying if we don’t go ahead with an SGO the children will be removed from us. What can we do in this situation?



    hi have you tried the Family Rights Group they have specialist advisers and handouts on this subject.

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