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Topic : Supervisions and records of supervisions with SSW

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    What are people’s experience of supervisions with their SSW. Are formal supervision records provided. I have come across several foster carers who do not receive written records and this seems poor practice and worrying?



    My supervisions are recorded and signed and I am then sent a copy. I think record keeping is really important as it provides evidence in the event of any concerns or allegations.


    yes Harriet’s experience is good but unfortunately this does not always happen and as she points out this can be problematic when things do not got to plan. Likewise with other meetings it is important that carers receive the minutes in order to check that it is a true reflection of what was said and any actions/recommendations can be dealt with.



    I feel it is vital that Foster Carers are provided with regular professional supervision where there is an opportunity to review placement, support needed, any conflict, training needed and an opportunity for Carers to have their views and requests minuted. For example a request by a foster carer to take a child on holiday abroad should be recorded along with agreements and actions such as ‘SSW to contact child’s SW to apply for passport’. In relation to managing challenging behaviour it is helpful to agree any sanctions/rewards etc as this shares responsibility. So many conflicts between Foster Carers and their agency or LA could have been avoided by the insistence on having accurate written records of discussions, agreements, action plans, timescales and support agreements.



    Is there any overriding national policy on the issue of record keeping, or is this issue addressed by individual fostering agencies / LA’s as they feel fit? There seems to be a wide variety of approaches to what records to keep and how. Surely fostering services must have policies on this issue. It seems really odd that such an important part of the fostering role might be dealt with in a very informal way. What do people think?



    Hi Pandora, hope the following helps:

    The Children Act 1989 – Guidance and Regulations Vol 4 – Fostering Services

    5.75 Record Keeping
    There should be explicit policies in place to enable foster carers and staff to keep clear records about children in placement and the work of foster carers with these children. Information recorded should be non-stigmatising and distinguish between fact and opinion. Children must be made aware of policies regarding their access to all records kept about them, whether by the foster carer or the fostering service itself.

    National Minimum Standards 26


    some agencies have introduced 2 forms of record keeping for carers – one that the child can access and help build their lifestory in the future and the other for professional purposes and I think this is a great idea



    Should IFAs and LAs have a policy on supervisions and records of supervisions? I would expect this should be the case and would advise foster carers who are not being provided with regular recorded supervene to request a copy of the policy.. Any thoughts people?

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