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  • leanne

    Just wondered what advice existing Foster Carers would give to people visiting the site who were thinking about being a Foster Carer?

    Top Tips if you like!



    Be very patient……going through your assessment can take a long time šŸ™‚

    Be prepared for tears of joy & frustration.

    Your life (& your house) will be turned upside down but the rewards are massive.


    I could use some tips too. I have just made an online enquiry at my local authority to foster..
    I need to start decorating my house this week though because apparently they visit within 2 weeks of the first enquiry.


    Good luck Sonja-L with your application šŸ™‚ I don’t think they’re too worried about the dĆ©cor so don’t go too mad lol.


    Hi Sonja-L
    Did you find any useful information on the thinking of fostering part of the website!
    If you have any specific questions please ask!


    Another tip – Choose who you foster for very carefully. Take your time & research different IFA’s, as well as LA’s. If you have a preference within fostering i.e. teenagers, mother & baby etc. make sure the IFA/LA you choose has these coming through. There’s nothing more annoying than being without a placement for months because ‘there’s none about’!!!!!
    Don’t forget, once your signed up it’s very hard to change fostering services.



    Does anybody know about what new books are out there to help new foster carers.



    There are lots of great books out there. I would suggest FCs get hold of a copy of ‘Fostering Now’ which is a small guide book containing info on law, national minimum standards and regulations for fostering. I find it very easy to read and so helpful when there are uncertainties around legal aspects of fostering.

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