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Topic : Too young to Care?

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    I know of an 18 year old girl whose younger brother (10 years old) has just been taken into Care and is unlikely to go home to his mother. This 18 year old lives in a flat and has a same sex partner – 17 years old. They do have a spare room. Both of them are keen to look after the 10 year old but wondering whether they would be considered as too young to be considered for kinship care? Any ideas out there?



    Hi Pandora,
    It is possible for 18 year olds to be assessed as foster carers. I would encourage this person to call us on 0800 040 7675 and we would be very happy to discuss her particular circumstancies. The 17 year old partner would be be old enough to be approved as a foster carer however until she is 18.


    Has she spoken to the local authority? As Steve says I’m sure its not impossible subject to all the normal checks etc! I started mainstream fostering at 21 and in a same sex partnership and neither my age or sexuality ever felt like a barrier to fostering.



    Thank you that’s really helpful

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