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    We have been put on hold from having placements until we have completed some recommended training. Can the Agency insist that both me and my partner complete the training even if I am the main carer?



    In England, all foster carers are required to complete the Training Development Standards and then each service provider will have their own policy on the training foster carers are required to complete. Many service providers will have mandatory training that carers will need to attend and some like first aid will need to be updated periodically.
    The fostering service provider will will need to ensure that carers are trained to be able to provide the quality of care expected to meet the needs of anyone placed in their care.

    Any adult within the household that has approval as a foster carer will be expected to complete the relevant training agreed by the service provider. Many service providers will arrange training to take into account the working lives of partners and often provide training at weekends or evenings. Fostering effects the entire household and the main carers partner will need to have the information to be able to carry out the needs of the placement in the absence of the main carer. The service provider must be confident that a child or young person would not be at risk in a situation where the person responsible for care was unable to meet the needs due to a lack of knowledge, skills or disengagement.



    Hi Sandra if the agency recommends both of you attend training and your partner works full time making it difficult, then consider asking them if there is any on-line training courses available. This may help speed up the process of your partner getting some training down at home after work or weekends.

    Training will always be an issue for people who have to work full time,therefore there needs to be some flexibility on both sides to get it in.



    Thanks both for the advice. My Supervising Social Worker is going to check out if there is some online training we can do which would be really great for my husband.



    Does anyone know if the diploma for Fostering is recognised anywhere and if there has been many foster carers taking this up.

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