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  • Jane1

    anyone been in the situation where they have taken children on with agreement to pay travelling expenses (children at school out of area) and then this money has been refused?? thanks



    Hi Jane1,
    If a child was placed with you and an agreement was made to pay travel expenses due to special circumstances and this agreement has not been followed I would advise you to speak to your SSW and also forward your concerns to them via email/letter. Did you have any written agreement when the placement was made? You may need to take the issue up with and seek the support of your fostering service manager.
    Hope this helps



    There appears to be a huge difference between agencies in payments for travel expenses and some Foster Carers are very concerned about the excessive time some, often very young, children have to spend in a car travelling to/from school… I’d be interested in what Foster Carer’s experiences and views are on this subject…What do people feel is reasonable???


    I agree – and what is concerning is that they expect carers to transport children long distances for continuity of school, which is of course very important, but the impact of this on children being in a car for long periods is overlooked – so too is the social aspect of not going to a school in the locality of the carers – perhaps children should be placed closer to home!


    We have recently had this issue I am glad to say commom sense did finally prevail and our little one was allowed to move school but it did take a fight!

    The crazy thing was we had a fight at all as it meant at 5 (and just one term in his first school) he was spending at least 2 hours in the car a day, not able to attend the same school as foster siblings, unable to participate in family activites AND everyone agreed for safety reasons he could not attend original school for long term!

    Sometimes ‘blanket’ rules prevent SW’s being child focused……………..


    I take our CLA to contact nearly 40 miles away from us, resulting in the mileage being nearly 80 miles round trip, yet we can only claim for 60 miles as the LA dismiss the first 20 miles !! Crazy or not ??? Anyone else got a similar situation ?

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