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Topic : updating a Form F assessment

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  • nikki

    can anyone tell me what the process of updating a Form F should involve? is it a lengthy process and how often should this happen?


    Hi can someone please tell me if a couple can be jointly approved when the male applicant lives in his own property and not the family home? thanks



    Hi that seems a bit strange as to what sort of relationship they have and the message that sends to children in their care. Many agencies would say no to this I believe.



    Updating a form F is good practice. There does not appear to be any legal requirement to do this however it can be helpful for SWs looking to match children to appropriate FCs to have a Form F which details fostering experience gained since approval. The timescale for updating a form F will very much depend on individual circumstances.
    As far as I am aware, there is no legislation barring a couple who live in separate addresses being assessed as a fostering couple. Whilst this is a relatively rare ‘type’ of family setup it does not in itself indicate that the couple would not be suitable to foster children.

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