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  • malecarer

    Hi to anyone that may see this, I am currently awake (again) at stupid o clock in the morning trawling through the Internet for advice and guidance. Cant seem to settle at all.
    My sister suffers mental health issues and her 2 children were removed from her care at 3 months old, they were placed with myself and my other sister from then until very recently.
    I was joint kinship carer of my two nieces up until the end of January. legally my older sister was being assessed as the primary carer and had already passed her assessment stage, however she has now been failed under health reasons. The nieces were removed from our care and are now in respite care. In order to try get the children back and not be adopted I have now secured accommodation of my own and I am undergoing an assessment as a sole prospective kinship carer. I am extremely fearful that I might fail the assessment. I have a clean bill of health, have no criminal record and recently graduated from university. The inaccuracies in the information beineg put on the social reports etc is extremely concerning but I don’t want to rock the boat as it were, incase they take a disliking to me and in the past I have seen how easily SC can turn when they take a disliking to ppl. I just don’t know what to do if I fail the assessment at panel. Can i appeal? I am being assessed by my LA can i try with an independent assessment if I fail assessment?

    The issue of ‘support network’ keeps being mentioned as I am now living on my own with my other sibling who is 22 years old and is willing to take in the role as a carer also

    Please help someone with any advice


    Hi Malecarer
    I would strongly urge you to speak to one of the Fosterline advisors on 0800 040 7675. The line is available from 9.00am to 5.00pm weekdays. If you call and the lines are busy, please leave a voicemale and they will contact you the same day or the following working day without fail, please be aware that all calls to Fosterline are confidential and impartial.
    It is obvious that the situation is weighing heavily on your mind by the nature of your post. It is difficult to assess your situation from the forum post as there seems to be quite a few unexplored statements such as your age, the time the children had spent with you and your sister, what age the children are now and the reasons why your sister failed the medical assessment.
    The social worker is investigating your support network which is normal for any assessment but if this is the only concern then this can be worked upon to improve. You may have more support than you realise from areas you may not have considered and talking to an advisor could help to relay these in your assessment.
    You should challenge the information that is being recorded if you deem it to be incorrect as this information will go on your file to be read by the members of the panel, it is not rocking the boat to ensure the information is correct. You will be expected to advocate for the children within your care and this will have bearing if you allow information to be recorded about yourself that is incorrect.
    There will be options for you if you fail assessment, dependent on at what stage you are/(IF!!!!!!) unsuccessful. There could be the opportunity to appeal or to look at options such as special guardianship but the main option would be to obtain some advice to help with the assessment so it can be the best possible.
    I wish you well and hope you find the advisors at Fosterline helpful



    Hi MC sorry to hear you are going through a difficult time. You are going down a road that many have travelled and there will be help available for you. You could contact the Family Rights Group 0808 801 0366 (9am -3.30)pm They support families whose children are involved with, or require, local authority services because of welfare needs or concerns.
    As previous post said you may have more support than you think and you should look closely at who could offer help/guidance/support even by phone to you is useful. There are lots of resources available to people who are going to look after children, books, videos and training are out there to help you. The more you know will be better for you and will show you are taking this seriously. Looking after children is one of the most difficult but rewarding things we have as a culture. There may be friends of yours who have children you can tap into for advice and their experiences which could help you be a pro-active carer instead of re-active carers. I wish you well in your actions but rest assured there is help and advice out there to assist you on your journey.



    Hi MC

    Sorry to hear about the problems you are going through and the worry this is causing you. It really comes across in your post how much you care about your nieces and want to keep them within your family and this is a credit to you. Try to stay positive and gather as much information and support as you can. Best Wishes, I hope it all works out.


    Hi – your support network be demonstrated through the use of an ecomap to demonstrate where you will get emotional and practical help from. this can range from family and friends who offer practical help such as picking a child up from school, or colleagues, friends, church members who could offer emotional support and advice at the end of a phone call or text for example. neighbours who may help in an emergency could be identified as can other professionals such as GP, health visitor and social worker – good luck

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