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Topic : Vaping Fun or fuel for smokers?

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    Vapes, Vap, Shisha Pens, Shisha Bars…. Are they better than smoking?

    I’m wondering what people feel about these new things for teenager/kids with the fruity flavours and coloured bubbles lighting up when used, is this in fact just encouraging our kids to get involved in the new fad which given the lack of evidence surrounding the chemicals and the effects of long term health risks.. may or may not be as bad or worse than smoking?? Anyone having issues surrounding these?


    Hi my experience from having a teenager is that she has many friends who have not smoked cigarettes but started using these – they are seen as cool and unfortunately as ‘not harmful or addictive’ as cigarettes! very worrying



    I think the problem is not knowing if these things will have harmful effects. A lot of young people assume they are safe and better for them than smoking cigarettes.



    Hi LoopyLew,
    There seems to be increasing concerns about ecigs etc and whether there are any health issues and also if they may lead to YP taking up smoking cigarettes. It seems the jury is still ‘out’ as to whether vaping is better than smoking. Increasingly Fostering agencies are insisting that foster carers do not use ecigs etc in their home. Whilst I suspect ecigs are not without risk .. it may be that they helpful (as nicotine replacements such as nicotine chewing gum and patches) in helping YP move away from cigarettes (which absolutely are harmful). I’m not sure about the issue you raise re YP taking up vaping who have never smoked and would be interested in other views …



    Personally I don’t think they are a good thing. Most youngsters think they are safe but knows what harm they are causing?


    from a foster carers point of view – they are being treated by many IFAs as cigarettes and for example carers using them cannot have children under 5 placed with them.



    I agree with Jane1 that many teenagers who had not tried cigarettes are using these because it is “cool”. There has been a noticeable increase in the amount of shops selling these products in the area I live.


    I saw them on sale in a cheap shop yesterday for 79p!!!!! No wonder teenagers are preferring them to cigarettes!

    I guess one advantage is the lack of need for lighters / matches which has always concerned me when Ive had teenagers in the house I suspect smoke and a couple of ‘bin’ fires!!!!

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