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  • nikki

    who should carers complain to and in what way, if they are feeling unsupported and in some cases ‘bullied’ by their agency or Local authority?


    Well the Fosterline helpline might have some useful suggestions to get you started



    A Carer could talk to the Fostering Service Manager and/or ask for a copy of the Agency/LA’s Complaints Procedure. They may also be able to seek support from their Carer Rep if they have one.


    a lot of people do not want to go down the complaints route for fear of exacerbating the problem



    Mediation may be useful in this situation but would possibly depend on the willingness of the Fostering Provider to commission such a service.



    No one should feel bullied and if one felt this bad then take it strongly yo team manager. If this is not resolved via the complaints procedure the Ofsted have a complaints line. Fostering is difficult enough without the agency you are working for making it more difficult.
    Effecting change is always difficult and may mean a step backwards, but no one should feel threatened or bullied.



    Hi I have been a Foster carer now for just four years and I still get the fact that when you first start you are being told by government and social workers and local council from where the youg people come from, that the young people in our care must have everything possible, that they come first above all other things but when we try for other financial help we are told that they can’t afford to give it to them. You have to fight for them all the time and local councils can pay out what ever to foster company’s so much money and only a third goes to the family’s that keep them and look after them twenty four seven. It makes me so cross.  The young people should come first the money should be there for them so foster carers like myself can bring them up and to change there lives, but without more money this is not the case. Sorry to go on but its how I feel Mr C



    Hi Bazza sorry to hear you are frustrated as to how the system works.It is difficult to get your head around the finance issue as it varies with local authorities, as some are more flush than the others. There is no real answer I could give you other than hang in there and do the best you can for the children you can for. At least then you will feel you have made a difference to someone’s life. Another option I suppose you could consider is top move to another agency where the conditions may be better. It is okay to offload though if that is how you feel.

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