Fosterline is a free, government funded helpline and interactive website for foster carers and prospective foster carers delivered in England by FosterTalk on behalf of the Department for Education.

Could you be our friend?

We are looking for Fosterline Friends in order to help promote the awareness of the Fosterline service, aid fundraising and to provide a remote team of experts drawn from the fostering community to advise and support FosterTalk by raising the profile of Fosterline in the public domain, and to act as “ambassadors” for the service.



The Fosterline Friends group is being set up as a virtual group in order to encourage consultation and participation in relation to Fosterline services from a wide ranging group of foster carers, care experienced young people, other professionals and agencies that will be willing to share their knowledge and experience for the benefit of the wider fostering community. Fosterline Friends will actively support and promote the recruitment of foster carers.

Fosterline Friends will communicate via email, social media, twitter and via online forums, without the need for time-consuming face-to-face meetings and to ensure the widest accessibility possible.

Becoming a Fosterline Friend:

Fosterline Friends group is open to anyone interested in promoting and supporting Fosterline services in England. Members can come from a wide variety of  backgrounds such as: care experienced young people, foster carers, professionals involved in the fostering or child care sector, local authority and independent fostering providers and organisations working with children and adults from “hard to reach” groups. Anyone with a genuine desire to contribute to improving foster care for looked after children is welcome to join.

You may be one of the thousands of foster carers that Fosterline has been able to support and you could be the person that introduces the service to someone else with a fostering issue.

Aims & Objectives:

The aim of the Fosterline Friends group is to

  • Help raise awareness about Fosterline among foster carers and prospective foster carers in England
  • Provide feedback on Fosterline’s service delivery from the users’ perspective
  • Contribute to the content of the Fosterline website by providing information, case studies, articles and useful links and resources
  • Help Fosterline identify ways of raising awareness about fostering in the wider community
  • Suggest ways to gather service users views in a meaningful way
  • Contribute towards the Fosterline Foundation delivery and fundraising plans to support the long term sustainability of the service
  • Promote the recruitment of foster carers (focusing on the need for specific foster carers to come forward).


Working methods of Fosterline Friends

Communication with the Fosterline Friends members will be electronically by email, social media, twitter and via online forums.

Fosterline Friends have a consultative/advisory role and as such is not required to reach consensus on the matters considered – individual views of the members will be valued and considered on merit.

Fosterline Friends contribution may include the following:


  • Post information within your local area
  • Answer posts on the Fosterline website forum
  • Post conversations and topics on the Fosterline website forum for comment
  • Post on forums in the public domain promoting the Fosterline services
  • Participate in consultations on issues related to fostering via email or on forums
  • Advise on ways of raising awareness about fostering in local and regional communities, based on their knowledge of those communities
  • Advise and support on local fundraising opportunities for the Fosterline Foundation, based on their knowledge of those communities
  • Suggest strategic partnerships, e.g. local, regional and national organisations through which to raise awareness of Fosterline.

Recruitment of Fosterline Friends

Membership of Fosterline Friends is open to anyone with a background or interest in fostering, and who wishes to contribute to the ongoing development of this well regarded, free to use service for foster carers and people interested in fostering.

In the first instance, interested individuals are invited to contact us by email to with a brief reason why you are interested in joining the Fosterline Friends and what you feel you have to offer.

Opening date for applications is:  3rd January 2017.  All emails will be acknowledged.

Please note: this is an unpaid/voluntary role

Be the reason

  • another person enters the assessment process
  • another foster carer gets the right information and support
  • another vulnerable child has their rights protected
  • another child in care has the same opportunity as their peers


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