Supporting Foster Carers and Fostering Services

Fosterline receives enquiries from existing foster carers about a range of issues including, but not limited to:

  • S47/ Safeguarding issues
  • Allegations and complaints against foster carers or family members
  • Children being moved from placement
  • Historical allegations
  • “Standards of care” concerns
  • Reviews of approval
  • Terminations of Approval
  • Appeals to the IRM
  • Referral to the Disclosure & Barring Service
  • Concerns about young people leaving care
  • Children’s Rights

Fosterline also receives enquiries from those who may be interested in learning more about fostering which questions such as, but not limited to:

  • How do I become a foster carer?
  • Can a single person become a foster carer?
  • Can I foster if I am gay?
  • Can I foster if I live in a rented house?
  • What checks would be made?
  • Can I foster children from another ethnic group?
  • Do foster carers get paid?
  • Where can I find a fostering service?

What Fosterline does:

  • Listens and provides emotional support to foster carers in distress
  • Clarifies policy, procedure, and “next steps” in situations causing concern to foster carers
  • Provides information and advice to people enquiring about becoming a foster carer to enable them to make informed choices about their situation
  • Provide detailed guidance as to what further support is available to them either through their local authority or independent fostering service, other statutory or voluntary organisations or government bodies.
  • Promotes the recruitment and retention of foster carers by providing a responsive, impartial and accessible source of advice and support.

What Fosterline does NOT do:

  • Advisors will discuss options with foster carers but will not tell them what to do.
  • Advisors will not offer their personal opinion on issues raised, but offer advice based on the presenting problem and best practice guidelines, i.e. based on statutory guidance, national minimum standards etc. to enable the foster carer to make up their own mind about next steps.
  • Fostering Advisors cannot take action on behalf of foster carers, however, Advisors will offer clear guidance on actions that carers can take on their own behalf.

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