Vision and Values

FosterTalk is proud to be delivering Fosterline on behalf of the Department for Education, and we are proud of the practical and innovative approach we take to working with foster carers and with fostering services.

We are open and honest in all our dealings with service users and aim to offer a flexible service, responsive to the needs of partner organisations and their foster carers. We listen to, and work closely with, foster carers promoting dialogue between the foster carer and their fostering service wherever possible. We understand the system in which they are working, and can offer them relevant advice, guidance and support aimed at resolving any issues there may be through discussion and debate rather than confrontation.

We are committed to exceeding the expectations of our customers and to continuous improvement in the quality, performance and delivery of all the services we offer. On-going evaluation and monitoring of quality standards ensures that FosterTalk has a team of committed professionals, dedicated to meeting service user’s needs.     

FosterTalk works to a set of values and has a vision that are at the heart of how we provide services to foster carers. These values also represent the attitudes and behaviours that our staff are expected to demonstrate in their day-to-day work. Partnership working is at the core of these values and of the services we provide.

FosterTalk’s vision and values can be summarised as follows:

Vision word cloud    Values word cloud


“FosterTalk aims to be a respected, leading, national and recognised organisation that delivers the pinnacle of customer excellence with passion to a ‘gold standard’.  As the go-to place, we are an ambitious company striving for success, growth and development.  We have passion, respect ground breaking and innovative work, and will be leading the way for excellence. We see a creative, responsive, and proactive service.  We have a belief that we will be amazing.”


 “FosterTalk is a family-friendly and fair organisation.  We value the dignity, respect, and equality of all our members, and deliver a trustworthy service with warmth and passion.  We are impartial and independent, and rely on the knowledge and experience of our staff.  Our friendly and independent nature enable us to work with empathy and care. We value diversity and deliver our service with understanding.”

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