Children’s Social Care – putting children’s voices at the heart of reform

  The Children’s Commissioner has published a paper on Children’s Social Care Services. ‘This paper is dedicated to all the children in care who have spoken to me as Children’s Commissioner. These children have shared with me their experiences – good, bad and sometimes traumatic. Lots of the children and young people I meet are […]

Children in care

  Children and Families Across Borders (CFAB) has published a report looking at the rates of international placements of looked after children, how frequently international placements are explored, and what types of placements are used. Findings from freedom of information (FOI) requests to 211 UK local authorities include: 42 out of 104,000 looked after children were […]

How Safe 2022

  The NSPCC’s conference How Safe 2022 will take place online on 11–12 May 2022. This event will provide the latest information and guidance on recommended safeguarding practices. Key topics include: safeguarding in sport; the impact of physical punishment on children; and understanding the Online Safety Bill. All sessions will be available on-demand for four […]

Care leavers feel they left care too early, Ofsted finds

  The report, ‘Ready or not: care leavers’ views of preparing to leave care’, brings to light the lack of choice many care leavers experienced: some felt they had to leave care ‘whether they were ready or not’. Local authorities are required to prepare children for leaving care but today’s report finds that care leavers’ experiences […]

Children’s voices: Back to school

  The Children’s Commissioner for England, Dame Rachel de Souza, talks to students about coming back to school this January. They discuss what it is like being back with restrictions in place, their concerns coming back after Christmas and why school is where they should, and want, to be. Students also share their future career […]

Inspection of supported accommodation: Amanda Spielman’s response to the Education Secretary

  On 13 December 2021 Amanda Spielman responded to a letter from the Secretary of State for Education that asked Ofsted to register and inspect providers of supported accommodation for young people. The Chief Inspector confirmed that Ofsted would develop and implement a new system of regulation and inspection for providers of supported accommodation for looked-after […]

Josh MacAlister: councils should tackle excess profits in children’s care

  Councils should work together to tackle excess profit making in children’s social care rather than simply criticise it, the chair of the independent review of children’s social care in England has said. Speaking last week at the national children’s and adults services conference, Josh MacAlister, who is also the chief executive of and founder […]

Children adopted from care falls to lowest in 21 years, government figures show

  The number of children adopted from care fell to its lowest level in 21 years in 2020-21, Department for Education (DfE) figures show. Their number fell by 18% on the year to 2,870, the lowest total since 1999-2000. Delays in family court proceedings during Covid-19 pandemic accelerated the latest annual decline in adoptions, but […]

Fostering in England 2020 to 2021: main findings

  Ofsted have released their latest finding on Fostering in England. This release covers: the numbers of foster carers and foster places and placements, in both local authority (LA) fostering agencies and independent fostering agencies (IFAs) data relating to types of foster care, registrations, deregistrations and a range of other subjects the period between 1 […]