This year Diwali falls on 19 October and will continue for five days until 21st October.  Many communities within the UK will celebrate this time of year with displays of lighting and fireworks brightening up the night sky, but what does this festival mean and how can you help your child celebrate their own heritage?

As a foster carer you have a duty to allow the children in your care to explore their own heritage and background. Participation by the whole family in whatever capacity will promote your child’s self-worth and acceptance into your family environment.

Celebrating Diwali and any other important festivals which arise throughout the year enables children to feel valued, supported and respected, with this comes confident children. When your own birth children join in, it allows children to see that they all have differences but this is okay because this is what makes us all special and unique but similar at the same time.

These are some of the ideas you could implement to help children within your care celebrate their heritage and Diwali:

  • Research the story behind Diwali and share this with all children as a bedtime story
  • Create candle holders with the children using clay, salt dough or playdough
  • Decorate colour in Rangoli patterns
  • Look on the internet, in the library or book shops for Diwali books for children
  • Make Diwali cards
  • Purchase or make some Indian foods
  • Make Indian sweet to give as gifts
  • Dress up in authentic clothing, sarees for girls and Kurta for boys.

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