Today the Department for Education published a paper which set out what the department thinks the important research questions are for Children in care. This paper is part of a suite of Research Priority and Question Papers which cover all the department’s key policy areas.

Researchers, and those who work in education and children’s services, have been given the opportunity to discuss what the research priorities for those areas should be, how the gaps can best be filled and how research can influence policy development and delivery.

As part of the department’s commitment to make its research more collaborative and driven by the needs of the education sector, a series of research priority and question papers have been published.

These papers set out what the department thinks the important research questions are across the key policy areas. However they are also asking the public and interested parties to have their say on those priorities. This is to ensure that research carried out in education and children’s services by the department and by others helps government and practitioners access a growing evidence base which has real impact on policy design and delivery and drives further improvements.

View the Children in Care Paper

To view the other papers in the suite Research Priority and Question Papers

The DfE want these papers to stimulate discussion with as wide an audience as possible. If you have a blog, newsletter, twitter feed or Facebook presence and you feel it would be appropriate to mention these papers, this would greatly help the DfE  achieve their aim of extending engagement on research prioritisation for the department and beyond.

The DfE will be engaging with and getting feedback from interested people over the coming months; if you want to get involved then please do get in touch on the email address below.

These will be living documents to be revised in light of responses to this first publication and as questions are answered and new ones emerge. The department will continue to commission research but that commissioning will now be informed by these papers and the discussions that are prompted by them. If you want to offer your thoughts on any of the points above please email on You can also see what others are saying by following  on Twitter (@educationgovuk) and using #DfEResearch, or liking DfE on Facebook.

Alternatively start a topic on the Fosterline forum and have your say Forum




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