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Fosterline was accredited to the Helpline Standard earlier this year and as a result has been entered into the Helpline of the Year Award 2015. If you have ever contacted the helpline we need your support and your votes so that we can be Helpline of the Year.

Why vote for us?

91% of people calling Fosterline rated the overall service as either good or excellent, the service as a whole was rated 4.4 out of 5!

Key findings from a recent independent evaluation of Fosterline conducted by Birmingham City University were: “Fosterline provides a low-cost early intervention service which has the potential to provide a high social return for children who are fostered.”


Here are some quotes from our callers

“Without Fosterline there would be no future for a foster carer because it is the only service that supports the foster carer to find their way through the complexities that have been created in the foster care business!”


“With the help from Fosterline I knew where to go, which reports I had to write… I won my case with the help of Fosterline… I knew I was good at my job, I love my job and Fosterline helped me to see that.”


“The advisor was a mind of useful information. He was very understanding of the problem we were facing and had some very useful suggestions as to the best way forward with the problem we were experiencing.”


How to vote

If you have ever contacted Fosterline and received great support and help from one of our advisors, we would be very grateful if you would please nominate us for this prestigious award.

You can nominate Fosterline for the Helpline of the Year Award by clicking here to go to the Helplines Partnership Nomination Form.

Closing date for nominations is 5pm on 16 October 2015.

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