Be part of Fosterline’s Success

Fosterline “your fostering advice service” will celebrate the first year being delivered by FosterTalk on behalf of the Department of Education on 25th June 2014.

Fosterline will hold an afternoon tea to mark the occasion and would invite you to show your support in doing something similar and help fundraising for the Fosterline Foundation.

Fosterline phoneline advisory service and the website have been utilised by over 10,000 users within the past year giving vital support and information enabling callers to make choices and decisions. So why have people been seeking our service over the past year?

  • of the enquiries we received 10% were wanting further information on how to apply to become a foster carer and to discuss how they would be suited to the role including how the role would change their lives.
  • of the current carers that requested information, advice and support, 20% needed direction on finances and where to obtain specific information tailored to their personal situation.
  • enquiries due to an allegation was an area where our advisors were able to provide emotional support and direction during the distress of the carer being the subject. 13% of carers calls involved advice on accessing independent support and discussing the nature of the process, providing options when feeling alone and unsupported.
  • other popular topics were care planning, legislation, staying put, permanence and the increasing cases of Special Guardianship Orders right through to “if I leave my wife can I still foster from our converted barn”.

For these reasons and so many others we have initiated the Fosterline Foundation to raise funds to enable the sustainability of such a vital and necessary service to the task of foster care.

Could you join with us and hold an event on 25th June celebrating what has been a very successful initial year for FosterTalk delivering Fosterline. Could you donate the proceeds of a social gathering or even the cost of coffee with a colleague?

You can donate via the button on the home page or via the button on the  Fosterline Foundation page

To register you intentions or to send photographs that we can post on social media of your support go to Contact Us

Read the following testaments supporting why the sustainability of the service is vitally important:

“I called as I am enquiring about becoming a foster carer and had a few queries, I spoke to a very lovely person and very helpful. He made me feel at ease about the few things I was worried could stop me and helped with the best way to enquire and possibly become a foster carer”.

“Found the Fosterline really helpful. I was quite unsure and upset when I called, but felt reassured and more informed after talking to an advisor the fact that you listen is immense”.

“I really can’t see anything that needs to be improved, my telephone enquiry was answered promptly and the advisor was helpful and friendly and the information provided was invaluable, they advised me on the next steps, on where to go and what to do. Thank you so much for your help and Support and really excellent service”.

“The advisor was excellent, very knowledgeable, understanding and caring.
I received good practical advice that will help me deal effectively with the issues raised. The advisor was very patient with all my concerns, it was all a bit complicated and great advice was given. Very reassuring that I received the needed support to help me prepare for the likely challenges ahead. Thank you very much I will definitely ask for advice from Fosterine again. Great valued service”.


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