In the few years since Arthur’s diagnosis Kim discovered her little boy was happiest outside, completely in his element when he was outdoors, in the fresh air.

The garden became an open sensory room, with many sounds and smells appealing to him along with finding many different areas to explore.

Arthur is instantly calmed and at ease in the garden, and like most children in their early days getting him to eat healthier foods proved challenging. However, his time spent in the garden has been astonishing, with Arthur finding the process of eating more interesting and he continues to eat a wide range of healthy fruit and vegetables to this day.

Kim believes gardening has the potential to empower those with autism, building their confidence to cope with the outside world. A diagnosis can so often bring a negative feeling and viewpoint, more the reason why building ability and gaining confidence is so important.

As Arthur grows up and learns to cope with the world, the garden will continue to be his haven, his place to just be. He has taught her so many things and will continue to do so by enriching her life and allowing her to fully embrace the world of autism.

To read this inspirational story in full please click Kim and Arthur’s story

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