All fostering services have their own policies in relation to smoking. Can you foster? Can you change lives? Take our quick survey.

The health and wellbeing of children is paramount and the Government wants children to be protected from the harmful effects of smoking. The Fostering Services Regulations (England) 2011 require the health of the prospective foster carer to be considered and while the Regulations do not ban smoking, this is something that will need to be taken into account in the fostering assessment.

All fostering services have their own policies in relation to smoking which take into account the impact on the health of any children that will be placed with you and also the importance of foster carers as role models for young people in care. This may mean that prospective foster carers who smoke are given support to stop smoking or that they will be unlikely to be able to foster certain groups such as children under 3 years of age and those with certain health conditions. It is important that you discuss this with any fostering service that you wish to foster for to make sure that you are aware of their policy.

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