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This may not be true. As long as you are deemed to be well enough to undertake the fostering role, a medical condition should not prevent you from fostering.

As part of the assessment to foster process you will be required to undergo a medical which will indicate whether you are “fit” to foster. This will usually be done by your GP and will cover general health and fitness, plus any long or short term health issues you may have suffered from in the past together with any current medication that you are being prescribed.

The most important factor to be considered is whether you are physically and psychologically fit enough to cope with the demands of caring for a child.

What if I have a disability?

Applicants living with a disability are not prohibited from applying to foster.

Every prospective foster carer goes through the same assessment process, which includes a medical check to check for any health or disability issues that would prevent them from being able to provide the best standard of care to a young person.

In some circumstances the skill set and life experiences someone with a disability has gained can be a unique insight or experience to pass on to a child or young person.

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