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It is true that you can’t choose the specific children you foster as a standard foster carer. Can you foster? Can you change lives? Take our quick survey.

You can specify the age and in some rare circumstances (due to family demographics or religious beliefs) the gender you prefer. You should bear in mind that the narrower the age range you specify will have an impact on the number of placements you may be offered simply due to the availability of children that meet with your criteria.

There is an overwhelming need for foster carers to be support children and young people between the ages of 11 and 16, sibling groups, certain ethnic groups and teen moms as these groups tend to be in the greatest need. Having said this, the local authority may approach you to be a connected or family foster carer for a specific child. This is often and more commonly referred to as kinship foster care. The child or young person should already be a family member or known to you. You will still need to go through an assessment process and will be entitled to the same rewards and allowances as standard foster carers.

Can you foster? Can you change lives? There is a constant need for foster carers with a shortfall of around 9,000 in this year alone. Don’t delay; start the process today.

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