Could October Change your life as well as a Child’s life?

We have just moved from summer into autumn which is evident all around us by the change in colours, weather and scenery. For some this marks the beginning of a new year.

Both the Islamic and Jewish communities began their New Year celebrations on the 2nd of October symbolising new beginnings and the onset of new challenges. Islam celebrates Al-Hijira while Judaism celebrates Rosh HaShana.

Many people will use the New Year to  review their current situation and strive to make a difference in the year to come. With this in mind,  how many of you have considered becoming foster carers ?

Make that first step and call Fosterline on 0800 040 7675, Fosterline Advisers are available Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm to give current and prospective foster carers support and advice.

Or if you prefer, take our quick survey to see if you fit the criteria to foster children and young people. Are you that person who can make a difference in a child’s life? Take the opportunity of the start of a new year to ask yourself if you can foster. Can you change lives?


As the seasons change and the nights draw in, Diwali the “festival of lights” is just on the horizon to brighten up this time of year. Diwali will begin on Sunday 30th October and continue for five days until Thursday 3rd of November.  Many communities within the UK will celebrate this time of year with displays of lighting and fireworks brightening up the night sky, but what does this festival mean and how can you help your child celebrate their own heritage?

Find out more about caring for an Indian child here.

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