The Guardian reports on a study to be published by professors Judith Harwin and Karen Broadhurst of Lancaster University’s Centre for Child and Family Justice Research which highlights a stark north-south divide in the way that local authorities and judges address care proceedings.

  • The north-west of England registered the highest rate of care orders in 2015-16, with courts agreeing to 46% of care applications. London had the lowest rate – one quarter of applications resulted in a child going into foster care or being placed for adoption.
  • The incidence of care proceedings in the North-East in 2015-16 was 34 per 10,000 compared to 13 per 10,000 in London.
  • For 28% of cases in London, children were returned to their families on supervision orders. In the North-West it was 9%.

Further details are in this Guardian article.

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