Fosterline’s Latest News pages will enable foster carers and prospective foster carers to maintain and update their knowledge regarding issues that affect the fostering role.

On the following pages you will be able to keep up-to-date with the latest news, features, reports, analysis, government policy and debate from within the fostering community.

Fosterline will relay information about recent events or happenings along with providing links to the source of the information so further detail can be accessed.

Ofsted Annual Fostering Data Collection

Ofsted has updated its template, guidance and troubleshooting page for its annual fostering data collection. The fostering collection runs from 15 April 2019 until 30…

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Cafcass Care Order Applications: March 2019 & 2018-19 Totals

Cafcass (the Children and Family Child Advisory and Support Service) has published its latest statistics on care order applications. In March 2019, Cafcass received a…

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IRM Annual Report 2017-18 and Attending IRM Panel Information

The latest annual report covering the work of the Independent Review Mechanism for Fostering and Adoption in England (IRM) has been published. The report for…

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Child Exploitation Disruption Toolkit

The Home Office has published a toolkit setting out the existing legislative options and tools which police and other safeguarding professionals can use to disrupt…

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Unexplained Pupil Exits from Schools Report: Consultation

The Education Policy Institute (EPI) is seeking feedback on how it analysed pupil mobility data and defined ‘explained’ and ‘unexplained’ moves in its recent report…

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Survey of the Mental Health of Looked After Children: Consultation

NHS Digital is preparing to undertake a survey of the mental health of children looked after by local authorities in England, as well as those…

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Ofsted Social Care Online Surveys 2019

Ofsted has issued its annual point-in-time online surveys giving children and young people, parents, staff, social workers and other professionals an opportunity to comment on…

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Code of Practice for Online Services Accessed by Children: ICO Consultation

The Information Commissioner’s Office has launched a consultation on a new set of standards that online services must meet to ensure that they are appropriate for use…

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Mental Health Awareness Month

Fosterline advisor Kamarun Kalam,  shares her views and advice around social media and its impact on foster children. For further information and to read the…

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