This is an important opportunity to contribute evidence in relation to the particular health needs of looked after children, care leavers and children adopted from care and the barriers to addressing them fully.

In the light of concerns that have been expressed by the Chief Medical Officer and others about both the extent to which children and adolescents are affected by mental health problems and difficulties with gaining access to appropriate treatment, the Health Committee has decided to undertake an inquiry into children’s and adolescent mental health and Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS).

Specifically, the inquiry will consider:

  • The current state of CAMHS, including service provision across all four tiers; access and availability; funding and commissioning; and quality.
  • Trends in children’s and adolescent mental health, including the impact of bullying and of digital culture
  • Data and information on children’s and adolescent mental health and CAMHS
  • Preventative action and public mental health, including multiagency working
  • Concerns relating to specific areas of CAMHS provision, including perinatal and infant mental health; urgent and out-of-hours care; the use of S136 detention for under 18s; suicide prevention strategies; and the transition to adult mental health services

The deadline for written submissions on this inquiry is noon on 19 March.

Written submissions to the inquiry should be submitted online:

If you are considering sending a written submission please read the following guidelines:


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