Back in October of this year Thomas Insje was recognised as a truly outstanding individual as he was FosterTalks recipient of the Young Persons Foster Carer Award. This award was presented to him by Lorraine Pascal and Minister Edward Timpson. He is an inspiration to all birth children whose parents foster and only after he was selected and we contacted his parents did we find out by coincidence that his favourite chef is Lorraine.

We conveyed this message to Lorraine and she very kindly presented Thomas with a signed issue of her latest cookbook. Thomas has put the book to good use and has provided us with images of a cake he has baked for Christmas.

Similarities can be seen in the way Thomas made the cake with the role he performs with his parents in fostering.

IMG_1764 web

Like fostering Thomas used his skills to adapt the recipe in the book to suit the situation by swapping the pumpkin with butternut squash. He is Mr organised having all his ingredients laid out and ready before diving into the making and baking itself. Thomas agrees that he and his family prepare for new placements with everything put in place but will often adapt and change so as to meet the needs of children and young people placed with them.

Next is to give all the ingredients a good mix incorporating all the different flavours to ensure they all contribute to the finished result. Although the role of fostering can be at times very difficult there are many aspects we can take from the children we look after that can enrich our own family life.

Thomas chose this cake because it contains cinnamon and mixed spice a particular favourite of his producing memories for him with the Christmassy smells emanating from the oven and filling the room. Thomas imparts his passion for cooking onto the children within the family home as he made the snowmen and Christmas trees with them. He epitomises the positive role model for all young people and children that enter the Insje household.


I think you will all agree what a wonderful cake he has created and the fantastic message it conveys.

IMG_1769 web

FosterLine and FosterTalk are so proud of their links with Thomas and Lorraine, we will give further details in the New Year of Lorraine’s involvement with Fosterline and how you can get your hands on a signed copy of Lorraine’s latest cookbook via the website

We will be asking for recipes from foster carers, children and young people in care to be sent to us so we can feature these online. Send us your favourite dish via the website contact us.

Have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year.

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