As the month of May is national ‘Share a Story Week’, I wanted to share a lovely new children’s book that I have recently come across called ‘What’s Wrong Arty’ by Linda Beckett (2018) (Published by Austin Macauley)


What’s Wrong Arty  is a simple story about Arty the bear and his woodland friends that shares an underlying message to children of all ages.

Set in the heart of Bouncy Wood, Arthur the bear, known to his friends as Arty, appears sad and worried as he has a problem that he cannot resolve. All his friends want to help him, but he is reluctant to talk about his feelings to anyone. One by one his friends visit him and encourage him to talk to them but Arty remains quiet and sad. Eventually his wise old friend Ozzy the Owl comes to the rescue and by wrapping a wing around Arty in support, Arty shares his woes.

I recently read this story to my sister’s 3 young fostered children, aged 3, 6 and 7 years and the 6 and 7 year old were very keen and able to discuss and reflect upon the message of the story.  They compared it to a recent event that had caused them sadness until sharing the problem with their foster carer. The three year old simply loved the beautiful illustrations and was delighted to learn that Arty felt soothed and happy once his friends had helped him to solve his problems.

This book is a valuable tool for foster carers. It cleverly engages children and allows them to reflect upon their feelings, encouraging them to share their problems and to find positive resolutions.


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